Engineering Drawings

Autotracking at Purbeck Level RFI

Bin Truck Autotracking RFI

Car Autotracking RFI

Existing Topographical Site Plan RFI

Fire Tender Autotracking RFI

Flood Direction Site Plan RFI

GreenBlue Roof Systems Layout and Site Locations RFI

Longitudinal Section - Foul Drainage RFI

Longitudinal Section - Roads RFI

Longitudinal Section - Storm Water Drainage RFI

Lower Catchment Tank Details RFI

Proposed Bridge Plan RFI

Proposed Car Park Drainage RFI

Proposed Site Plan Basement Walls Layout RFI

Proposed Utilities Plan - Foul Drainage Layout RFI

Proposed Utilities Plan - Site Wide SUD's System RFI

Proposed Utilities Plan - Surface Water Drainage Layout RFI

Proposed Utilities Plan - Watermain Layout RFI

Proposed Utilities Plan Storm Water and Foul Layout Combined RFI

River Cross Sections RFI

Standard Detail - Penstock Hydrobrake Manhole RFI

Standard Details Road and Hardstanding Sheet 2 of 2 RFI

Storm Catchment Areas RFI

Typical Details Bio Retention Area and Tree Pits RFI

Typical Details Filter Drain RFI

Typical Road and Paving Details RFI

Underground Parking Auto-tracking RFI

Upper Catchment Tank 1 Details RFI

Upper Catchment Tank 2 Details RFI